Optetrak Logic Primary System

Proven, Not Projected.

Optetrak Logic Primary System

Proven, Not Projected.

Optetrak Logic Primary System

Developed for excellent long-term implant survivorship.

The Optetrak Logic® system of implants uses time-tested patented design and proprietary materials for bone preservation, proper kinematics and wear management in total knee replacement.

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Would you rather select a system based on proven clinical performance or laboratory projections?

The advancements in the Optetrak Logic® system has been driven by the goal of improving clinical outcomes, all while maintaining the patented design and proprietary materials that have been proven over the years.1

We sat down with Raymond Robinson, MD to get his thoughts on longevity in total knee replacements and his long-term clinical results with the Optetrak® knee system.

Optetrak Logic CR Animation

Optetrak Logic CR is a unique surgical technique and implant system that enables surgeons to plan and perform a CR total knee replacement based on the anatomical integrity of the PCL.

Optetrak Logic PS Animation

From a simplified, bone-preserving technique to efficient, tissue-sparing instrumentation, Optetrak Logic PS streamlines efficiency in the O.R., while meeting the demands of today’s more active patients.

Cylindrical posterior stabilized resection for reduced bone loss.

The benefits of a fixed and a mobile bearing knee in one unique system.

Proprietary net compression molded polyethylene inserts for minimized surface damage and wear.

Insert options (PSC, CRC) for easy transition to increased constraint without additional bone preparation.