Equinoxe ® Fracture System

Redefining humeral reconstruction.

Equinoxe ® Fracture System

Redefining humeral reconstruction.

Equinoxe ® Fracture System

Designed for intra-operative flexibility, the Equinoxe Fracture Plate and Platform Fracture Stem prepare you for a myriad of surgical challenges in fracture repair.

Surgical video featuring Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, performing an acute reverse procedure for a humerus fracture.

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Fracture Stem

The Equinoxe Platform Fracture Stem empowers surgeons to address complex fractures intra-operatively with a hemi or reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

The stem reconstructs the patient’s anatomy with a patented anterior-lateral fin and asymmetric tuberosity beds that act as a scaffold to accurately position the greater and lesser tuberosity.

Fracture Plate

The Equinoxe Fracture Plate is redefining anatomic fracture reconstruction.

The locking plate provides multiple configurations of blades and screws to address a myriad of classifications of proximal humerus fractures. The contoured design allows suture placement and bone void filler deployment after the plate is secured.

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