Optetrak Logic ® CC Revision System

Intuitive. Streamlined.
The Rest is In Your Hands.

Optetrak Logic ® CC Revision System

Intuitive. Streamlined.
The Rest is In Your Hands.

Optetrak Logic ® CC Revision Knee System

Everything you need for your challenging revision cases, from start to finish.

The Optetrak Logic® CC Revision Knee System offers a high-performance portfolio of implants, instruments and computer-assisted surgery for reproducible results in a streamlined revision procedure.


  • Comprehensive range of implants, including augments, cones, stems and insert options
  • Easy-to-use instrumentation allows for simple flexion/extension gap management
  • ExactechGPS provides a high level of accuracy and precision1 and supports advanced ligament balancing strategies


  • Streamlined technique reduces number of surgical steps to simplify operating room workflow
  • Intuitive instrumentation features easy-to-read laser markings and is designed to provide visual, audible and tactile feedback
  • Supports a straightforward conversion technique when revision implants are required for complex primary arthroplasty
  • Personalized workflows and step-by-step visual guidance with ExactechGPS


  • Instrumentation is designed to ensure alignment relative to mechanical/anatomical axis
  • Advanced instrumentation is designed to restore the natural joint line for consistent bone preparation
  • Supports accurate placement of implants with 360-degree offset options
  • ExactechGPS provides real-time feedback of anatomical and mechanical alignment and resection validation with augmentable capabilities

Optetrak Logic CC Revision System Resources

  1. Date on file

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