Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Date: 14/09/2023


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Take total commitment by leadership along with active involvement from employees in pursuing zero harm, including but not limited to identifying, preventing and reporting on instances of modern slavery
  • Identify work related risks and other workplace hazards, whereby and assessment of risks will establish controls to eliminate or manage risk through reducing to the lowest possible level
  • Promote and encourage a culture where all employees are proactively maintaining a safe and healthy workplace
  • Develop, implement, monitor and review safety and environmental management plans and safe systems of work
  • Support employees in understanding the principles of this policy


Exactech will achieve the above objectives by developing and implementing management systems and providing resources for employees in order to:

  • Ensure that safe work and anti-slavery practices and initiatives are implemented and actively promoted to the entire organisation
  • Implement and continually review work practices and procedures to prevent injury to employees, equipment damage and environmental impacts
  • Ensure information and knowledge acquired for internal and external sources is made freely available and circulated through training, safety noticeboards, intranet and meetings
  • Conduct regular inspections, audits and review, then promptly follow up with compliance actions
  • Continue to review and improve the Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems