GPS® Knee Applications

The Rest Is In Your Hands.

GPS® Knee Applications

The Rest Is In Your Hands.

Extension of Yourself

The ExactechGPS® Knee Applications provide the versatility to meet your needs for each procedure, seamlessly aligning with your surgical preferences.

From a straightforward approach to more advanced options in the primary suite, all the way to an application focused on addressing your complex primary and revision knee cases.



TKA Plus Application

The TKA Plus Application provides the benefits of computer-assisted surgery with a simple transition from mechanical instrumentation to ExactechGPS.

ExactechGPS Knee Application TKA Plus Screen
ExactechGPS Knee Application TKA Pro Icon

Advanced Primary

TKA Pro Application

The TKA Pro Application supports surgical preferences with customizable workflows through real-time visual data and guidance.

ExactechGPS Knee Application TKA Pro Screen
ExactechGPS Knee Application rTKA Icon


RTKA Application

The RTKA Application offers personalized workflows and step-by-step visual guidance for real-time feedback of anatomical and mechanical alignment and resection validation with augmentable capabilities.

ExactechGPS Knee Application rTKA Screen

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