Compliance Hotline

Responsibility for Reporting Suspected or Known Violations of the Exactech Global Code of Business Conduct.

If you become aware of any conduct that you feel conflicts with any portion of this code or if you are concerned whether an activity may violate a law or regulation, you have an obligation to report such concerns immediately. You will never be punished for raising issues or concerns in good faith. Anyone, whether a team leader, supervisor or co-worker who retaliates against a reporter will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Violations of this Code may be reported to the Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, Leadership or Safety Teams as appropriate.

The company has implemented several methods for anonymous reporting to ensure that all employees have access to and trust the integrity of the reporting process:

Exactech Compliance and Ethics Hotline

CountryLanguageToll-free Number
GermanyGerman \ English0800-180-0870
United KingdomEnglish0-808-189-3334
JapanJapanese \ English0800-222-7661
SpainFrench \ English0800-903366
ChinaSpanish \ English900-838891
SwitzerlandMandarin \ Cantonese \ English400-680-4517
SwitzerlandGerman \ French \ English0800-802-534
USA & CanadaEnglish \ Spanish \ French855-990-0098
TaiwanMandarin \ Taiwanese \ English00801-14-7171
KoreaKorean \ English00308 491 0171

You may also report via the internet at www.lighthouse-services.com/exac or by sending an email to report@lighthouse-services.com (please include Exactech’s name in the subject line if you report by email).

If you wish to report directly to Exactech’s Compliance Office, you can do this via email at complianceofficer@exac.com