BIOLOX ® delta

Next Generation of Ceramics.

BIOLOX ® delta

Next Generation of Ceramics.

Science Behind the Material

Aluminum oxide matrix consisting of approximately 80% alumina, 17% zirconia and 3% strontium oxide.

Zirconia was added to increase the material strength and prevent the initiation and propagation of cracks.

An additional toughening mechanism is created with the addition of strontium oxide, which forms a platelet type crystal to dissipate energy by deflecting cracks.

Strontium Oxide
BIOLOXdelta Hip Femoral Head
Hip BIOLOXdelta Exploded


The need for a low-wear ceramic bearing in revision arthroplasty was not available in the past. The OPTION is comprised of two components:

  • BIOLOX®delta ceramic femoral head
  • Adapter sleeve

The titanium adapters have an internal 12/14 taper that mates with the femoral stem while the OPTION heads have a taper designed to mate with the adapters.

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