Equinoxe ® Reverse System

Infinite possibilities.

Equinoxe ® Reverse System

Infinite possibilities.

Equinoxe ® Reverse System

Its components build off the Equinoxe anatomic and fracture humeral stems, which provides intra-operative flexibility and enables surgeons to convert a well-fixed stem to a reverse without stem removal.

The Humeral Reconstruction Prosthesis offers flexibility for complex humeral reconstruction cases.

Equinoxe Glenoids

Glenoid Solutions

The Equinoxe system also offers a wide range of glenoid solutions, designed for challenging bony defects.

They are designed to preserve bone1 and avoid medializing the joint line by building up the eroded side rather than reaming to correct the deficiency. The baseplates feature an anatomic shape with six screw hole options and an innovative bone cage that provides initial and biologic fixation2-4.

Superior and posterior augments are available, as well as the Small Reverse Shoulder whose anatomic, pear-shaped baseplate is 25 percent smaller than our standard baseplate design. The Small Reverse Shoulder also provides revision-friendly, augmented baseplate options.

Reverse biomechanics: Right from the start

The Equinoxe system is designed to lateralize the humerus to create a more anatomic deltoid wrap (which aids stability) and better tension the remaining cuff (to improve active rotation).5-6

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